Sport Massage & Therapy and Hot Stone Massage - Anne-Katell Peton

Clinic Times: Friday & Saturday 9am - 1pm, appointment only
Session Price: 
SPORT MASSAGE - £42 for 1 hour session, FREE 15 minute initial consultation
HOT STONE MASSAGE - £42 for 75 minute (approx) session.
Anne-Katell is an experienced sport massage and sport therapist, having qualified in 2011. She is also a personal trainer with qualifications in exercise for lower-back pain and GP referral populations, as well as in nutrition. Before moving to the Chew Valley, she worked in a Bournemouth clinic alongside physiotherapists, chiropractors and chiropodists. She has helped many people suffering from various injuries and conditions such as headache, neck pain and tension, calf and hamstring tear, rotator cuff muscles injuries, lower back pain, sciatica, as well as people suffering from plantar fasciitis. Anne-Katell has also treated elderly people to improve their general mobility and people feeling stressed and run down.

It is a massage, which combines a diversity of techniques including deep tissue massage, effleurage, pettrissage, trigger points, joint mobilization, and stretching. Sport Massage speeds up soft tissue recovery after injury, improves flexibility and joint mobility and ultimately re-lengthens muscles. It also helps to remove toxins, simulate the lymphatic system and improves energy levels. It doesn’t have to be painful and anyone can benefit from it. It also works very well combined with other therapies and enhances osteopathic treatments.

After a first consultation, Anne-Katell adapts treatments according to the client’s wishes and conditions using a combination of massage techniques including effleurage, pettrissage, trigger points, joint mobilization and passive and active stretching. She also gives exercises and advice to enhance the treatment and establish a treatment plan with her client.

Anne-Katell loves to help people to feel better and see the benefit of deep tissue massage on people’s general wellbeing.

In addition her existing qualifications and to continue to develop her professional delivery, Anne-Katell has also qualified in Hot Stone Massage, which she integrates into her Sports Therapy treatment. It is also available to book as a treatment on its own.

Smooth volcanic basalt pebbles are heated in water and applied with massage techniques to the body. Placement stones are also used at strategic points.
The luxurious warmth aids the release of tension from tight muscles promoting circulation. Modesty is preserved with plenty of towels.