Sport Massage

Sport Massage ~ Lucy Masters 

Clinic Times:  
Wednesdays 9am - 12noon
Fridays 9am - 12noon & 1pm - 3pm, appointment only
Session Price: 
~ £45 for 1 hour session (55 minutes treatment)                                 
~ £45 for 1 hour session (55 minutes treatment)
                                            BLOCK BOOKING BUNDLE
                                            ~ Book ten appointments for bundle price of £420
A Short Notice cancellation fee of £15 applies where appointments are cancelled with less than 24 hours notice.

Following a lifelong passion for sport, Lucy completed a diploma in Sport & Remedial Massage Therapy at the London School of Sports Massage in 2004 whilst living in London. She spent four years working full-time in two highly respected physiotherapy practices as well as working with elite athletes at clubs including Saracens RFC, Harlequins Rugby League team, Thames Valley Harriers athletics club and with the South African 7s rugby team.  She also worked with many amateur runners and triathletes. Her work included pre/post event massages and assisting in the rehabilitation process for injuries. Lucy also had many clients who did not partake in sports and required deep massage for various reasons including tension relief.

After acquiring an injury that meant that she could no longer massage full-time, Lucy took a career break where she gained an MSc in Criminology and worked in the offender rehabilitation field for several years whilst continuing to work part-time with private sports massage clients.  She relocated to the Chew Valley in 2018 after becoming a mum for the first time and is now looking forward to re-starting her sports massage practice on a part-time basis.

Lucy was a very keen hockey player in her youth playing for the Somerset county team for four years as well as being a member of the West of England squad.

Anyone from elite athletes to office workers with postural and tension related problems can benefit from sports massage:

•    Enhances performance – allows faster recovery between training sessions
•    Enhances body awareness – athlete can learn where weaknesses are
•    Identifies problem areas before they develop into injuries
•    Relaxes and stretches muscles thereby reducing the risk of injury
•    Restores suppleness and elasticity
•    Relieves pain and stress
•    Breaks down muscle adhesions caused by injury or overuse
•    Improves circulation – increasing bloodflow assists in flushing out of toxins that cause muscle stiffness and soreness
•    Relaxes the body and mind

It also works very well combined with other therapies and enhances osteopathic treatments.

After an initial consultation, Lucy tailors treatment according to each individual client’s needs.  She uses a variety of massage techniques including effleurage, petrissage and trigger point work. Lucy is aware that everyone has a different pain tolerance level and works with the client to find a pressure that they are comfortable with.