Wednesday 10am - 1pm, Friday 1pm - 4pm

Session Prices:
Shiatsu Acupressure - 55 mins, £48
Shiatsu Acupressure- 30 mins, £32
*Tailored treatments for specific areas may be available upon request and after discussion with the therapist

Initial appointments must be 55 minutes.



 Appointments that are missed or cancelled with less than 24 hours notice may incur a charge of £25 for a 55 min appointment, or £15 for a £30 min appointment.

Practicing since 1999, Lynn Southam is a Fellow on the Shiatsu Society Register of qualified Practitioners. This is a list of Professional Members who have completed training approved by the Society; who follow the Code of Conduct & Ethics; and who are fully insured. These Members are described as Member (MrSS), Senior Member (SrSS) or Fellow (FwSS) according to their level of experience. Continuing Professional Development is mandatory for all Members.


Acupressure is a physical therapy which uses a combination of pressure points, gentle manipulation and stretching to re-energise weak areas and reduce tension in the body.

By applying sensitive, mindful, static touch with thumbs, fingers and palms, the giver affects the functioning of physical systems such as nervous, circulatory and respiratory, thus supporting the body’s innate self-healing abilities and promoting a sense of relaxation and well-being.
Physical touch is simple and profound, bringing awareness to all parts of the body. It produces a deep relaxation which mind and body both find therapeutic. 



Acupressure (Shiatsu) treatments are given fully clothed on a massage table or seated, or traditionally on a futon at floor level. Your general health, symptoms and level of mobility will be considered before choosing appropriate positions and techniques. 


The Shiatsu Society is the UK's leading professional Shiatsu organisation and works to promote Shiatsu in all communities. It is internationally recognised and respected for its high standards. It guarantees professional levels of both the training and the practice of Shiatsu in the UK through its ╩╗Shiatsu Schools Ratification╩╝ scheme.

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